Friday, August 12, 2016

Finding Familiar Strangers...

Serpents of Dawn - Beloved Unknown EP (2016)

Following up on their 2013 debut, Burnt Offerings, the San Francisco-based group Serpents of Dawn are back with this quartet of new tracks, featuring an adjusted and expanded line-up behind the music.  Running about a quarter of an hour, the EP starts off with "Yawning Black Abyss", setting up the style of doom rock with gruff, growling vocals running under the retro-influenced riffage, the two guitars showing nice interplay as the drums sweep in on the fills and bass plugs away.  "Eye for an Eye" and "Locust Bringer" roll along in similar modes, trying slight tweaks on the formula, mostly by way of seeing how the guitars can get cranked and twisted, before "Out of the Mire" rises up with a sizzling riff right out of the gate to carry things to the end. 
While some more variety would certainly be welcome on the group's future releases, they're showing a solid dynamic between the members, and the songs have an infectious energy that helps them feel bigger than their three-minutes-and-change durations.  Give this group a listen if you want some fun heavy times, and keep your fingers crossed for their next release to arrive before too long.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Blacksmoker, DoomLord, High on Fire, Nightosaur, Queen Crescent


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