Friday, August 24, 2012

Blowin' Ya Mind...

Buzzmutt - Static In The Mind's Eye Chapter 1. (2012)

How come no one is ever Santa for Halloween? If I were a fat fuck I would be that every year, I mean how unconvincing is a fat batman or fat Dracula? Ever seen a vampire waddle? Buzzmutt is noise rock band out of Oakland California. I would more classify them as almost like the sound track to skate legend Tom Penny’s life. Buzzmutt has an endless bag full of tricks and has spent a lot of time experimenting with recording. Probably drugs too. If you are sick of sitting in your apartment tripping to Pink Floyd, then tear down that Bob Marley poster throw this record on and burn one while staring at your popcorn ceiling. Static In the Mind’s Eye flows together like a good trip, slowly morphing into chaotic parts that are torn to shreds by upbeat riffage, only to return to the ether of layered sound. The rhythm section totally kills it and while the guitar meanders and breaks up the pounding rhythm, it creates a layer that isn’t just some dick head jerking his solos off.

For Fans Of; Mr Bungle, Psychedelics, Effects, Jams, Reveb

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