Saturday, August 18, 2012

Furious Finish Funk...

Mojo Waves - Enjoy, Don't Destroy (2012)

We've bombarded you with the more heavier, fuzzier and down right angrier side of our tastes these last few days so now's the time for something from the other end of the spectrum. In fact it doesn't really get much further to the other side of the spectrum as far as we go.
So from the icy depths of Finland, please prepare your ears for a sonic battering of what I can only really describe as psych-garage-punk! Anarchic almost disjoined grunge isn't usually my go to choice when flicking through my LP's or iTunes and I will openly admit that at first Enjoy, Don't Destroy baffled and confused me some what. But after a couple of listens something just clicked and it quickly grew on me. The roots of the EP feel pretty firmly implanted in punk persuasion, but throughout the three songs you're constantly battered with a plethora of influences and sounds, ranging from a hardcore composition to splashes of southern rock, psychedelica and mainstream 90's rock. It's almost like punk masquerading as good old funk. Maybe not exactly Bootsy Collins playing Black Flag bus you get my jist. Sure, I cant see it buzzing everyone but I urge you to give it at least 3 listens and see if anything changes. Failing that, hit up the link below and listen to the bands first EP Introducing Mojo Waves, the sound's a little different and may just sway you back on side. If all else fails then, hell, just cut your losses and come back in a couple of days when we'll have more delights waiting for your approval.

For Fans Of; The Pixies, The Raconteurs, The Subways, Melt Banana, The Grand Astoria

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