Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sludge From The Swamp...

Compel - Self Titled (2012)

Two piece bands often have a pretty good track record across the genres; Black Keys, White Stripes, Winnebago Deal, all churned out some quality tunes. But you don't often get a doom/sludge duo trailblazing and grabbing the genre by the balls. Well, until not at least because Compel are pretty much poised to fill this niche.
Calling upon the power of the groove, tainted with fuzz and distortion Joe and Tim have managed to carve out 40 plus minutes of fantastically varied yet comfortingly familiar dirty sludge-come-post metal. By keeping the tempo up for the majority the chaps have been able to harness the chugging and still keep the whole record unique, resulting in a kind of Isis minus Aaron Turner kinda vibe. Throwing some classic doom style licks into the mix at appropriate points really pays off too because just when the whole thing feels like its grinding to a gritty slow ending the surprise riffs breathe in new life and carry the tracks on to the end. This is something that even the most seasoned of bands fails to often do, so credit where its due, the guys have managed circumnavigate the usual pot holes that for me so regularly ruin my listening experience. If you have even the vaguest of interests in the likes listed below you'll really dig this little South Carolina due!

For Fans Of; Sleep, Cough, Windhand, Comus, Mountain Witch

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