Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prime Cut...

Steak - Disastronaught (2012) 

It's been a little while since we've been sent a real bare bones kick ass desert/southern rock band. So when I stumbled upon these it's pretty safe to say I was anticipating something a little special and ya know what?... I wasn't disappointed too!
So whats on the menu (yes, pun entirely intended) with these guys then? I'll tell you exactly what; huge fuzzy Nebula inspired riffs, John Garcia esque yelled vocals and some crushing drumming that would Brant Bjork would be proud to put his name too. So all the boxes on my list for some ass kicking rock n roll are checked, but does it all actually work together? After all, these guys are a long way from the Palm Desert scene to be incorporating these kinda elements and that could be deemed as quite a ballsy move if they can't back it up with a certain substance. Well when you bare in mind that the album may only be 5 tracks long Steak have still managed to pack as full with diversity and awe as any classic desert rock classic you'd care to mention, whether it be Blues For The Red Sun or Rock Formations. Yeah thats one hell of a bold statement, but you have a listen to the album and how it flows and transgresses from an echoed harmony to ferocious fret crushing groove and tell me I'm not right.
I'm not going to say anymore about the album because it truly needs to be heard to be appreciated. Plus it's free so what the hell are you waiting for!?
The guys are also currently doing the rounds on the UK circuit with the titans that are Truckfighters, so if you can please go check them out live. I'm sure you wont leave disappointed.
For Fans Of; Nebula, Causa Sui, Unida, Artimus Pyledriver, Roadsaw

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