Monday, August 20, 2012

Doom'ier Than Tho...

Atriarch - Forever The End (2011)

Walking home from the bar Thursday night in the rain, all that liquor helped me to get rid of the shit I had eaten the past few days, Pei Wei, Chipotle, and pizza greasier than that dude with the shitty scum stache and big forehead. I felt so much better. Atriarch is a slow moving stonewall that reaches into the clouds that constantly pounds your spirit into the ground while you sift through the muck. Remember what it felt like to have dry feet? No. Forever the End moves at a staggering pace reminiscent of Asunder. The vocal styling is divided into two parts, the more prominent and painful one comes from deep within that ancient church made of human remains. His painful sorrow echoes throughout the hallways unsure of where exactly they are coming from, assuming it isn’t coming from the human brick and mortar from past centuries. The Angrier half can be heard from the bottom of his cave where he came from. Shrill Goblin rants reinforce the solemn yet steady bones, that remind us how much hate flows through, almost trying to remind his other side that it’s not okay. The sparse use of electronic/maybe really heavy guitar effects and the piano at the bottom of the cellar really put a nice finish on the album. Apparently when a girl rubs your back while you heave up that orange chicken and your puke splashes her legs doesn’t mean she wants to touch your wiener, even if you have a down comforter.
Check out Seventh Rule Records for a hard copy or even better... Vinyl!
~ Brett

For Fans Of: Neurosis, Asunder, Graves at Sea, Swans, Caufield


  1. Best review I've ever read. Better luck next time.

  2. hahah fuckin rad. orange chicken wasn't a good choice.