Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Swill For The Chill...

The Swill - Thirst For Misery (2013)

On their first EP, The Swill offer some dirty, down-tuned, semi-sludgy metal. Over the course of the EP's five songs (“You Are Alone”, “Demons And Rust”, “Deeper Dungeons”, “Analysis Paralysis”, and “The Void And The Vision”), they show off both their rough and melodic sides, shifting neatly from thumping drums and buzzing bass to slow, noodling guitar solos, and back again. The vocalist seems to have more interest in the upper end of the register than in indulging in the more common baritone, so it'll help you warm up to the band if you're already comfortable with the antics of groups like Dio and Yes. The rest of the instruments seem to have drawn from the same era for song-writing inspiration, and the result is an effort with a distinct emphasis on melodies, though they never lose the delightful dirtiness worked in at every step along the way.
For a first release, it's great, tightly-made and well-structured, so that the end delivers a longing for more. It'll be interesting to hear how this band develops, so keep your ears to the ground for more rumblings as they keep at it.  The band has the EP up for name-your-own-price at their BandCamp, with a limited amount of cassette copies left, so check it quick!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Crowskin, The Alligators, Occultation, Led Zeppelin, Night Birds


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