Friday, January 29, 2016

Smooth First Trip...

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas - - inlandsis - (2015)

This EP comes as the first release from Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, a solo project by Florian Mallet (perhaps best known to our regular readers from the sludge band Mudbath).  Over the half-hour or so of tunes, Mallet works deftly with guitar and effects to create a psychedelic swell of waves, both heavy and gentle, to wash through your mind, combining compelling melodies with drifting riffs for a fluid and thoughtful experience.
Picking a favorite track is difficult, as the tracks flow together so well, but the title track (clocking in at over seven minutes) does a great job of representing the album in one go.  Light picking and resonance building into swarms of tones, revisited progressions taken in different directions, and a persistent sense of engagement in what he's doing make Mallet's music come off as some of the most honest and personal to show up in our inbox in quite a while.
And while there is the possibility that Mallet is just good enough with the strings to fool me, the EP doesn't seem to be 100% guitar, in case that was worrying any of you.  Some synths/keyboards add extra textures, but for the main beats, it does sound as though delay pedals and some other jangling strings provide the core pulses of the songs.  In any event, this is an excellent release, and downright superb for a debut.  Next time you find yourself needing to release some tension without too much destruction, put this on and let in the music.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    The Freuders, Frozen Planet....1969, Honeysuckle Mantra, Stone From The Sky, Wired Mind


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