Thursday, January 14, 2016

Violence Without Mercy...

Herscher - Herscher (2015)

Kicking off with a bang and growling bass, Herscher's first full album takes listeners on a trip to the buzzier side of stoner doom metal, with a few shots of sludgy anger to round out the attitude.  Over the course of five sizable tracks and a slightly shorter closer, the band rumbles, bangs, and pounds its way through a menacing sonic landscape.  Cloaked in feedback and distorted vocal foci, Herscher build their wall of noise to towering heights, smashing it back down each time to make room for the next song.
It's one of those albums that really demands high volume to be fully appreciated.  Sure, you can tell that they're tearing it up with your speakers at a modest setting, but it's only when you have it turned loud enough for the vibrations to hit your body that you'll get to enjoy the assault on a physical level.  Appropriately cranked, the subtler details of the shifting waves (be glad I didn't try for a joke here with the "Skull's River" track) can be heard as more than a blur, and the beating of the drums will hit as hard as you can handle.
As Herscher crank up the tempo for final track "Bandana", the album pulls together quite well.  It's a hard trip, one that may leave you feeling kind of drained afterwards, but the band has certainly done some excellent work here.  If you want some aggressive doom that doesn't stick to the usual guide-lines, do yourself a favor and check in on this.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Animi Vultus, Cough, Lung Molde, Sunken, Wizard Cult


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