Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bringing The Doom To You...

Centipede - Sarnath (2016)

Sarnath forms the first full LP from this Finnish band, and with its eight tracks, the trio lays down some serious sludgy doom.  Keeping things well-heated, the songs blend thrashy riffs and head-banging structuring with some gnarly twists of the strings, giving listeners a trip through savage beatings and grimy pedal textures.
There's a very solid bite to the guitar-work, which often tears loose from the pace set by the bass and drums, adding a cool element of unpredictable volatility to the mixture.  There's also a rawness to the mixing which suits the raging performances and attitude, keeping things from settling into comfortable grooves and thereby losing the edge.
If you find yourself in want of some hard-bashing metal from the heavy end of the spectrum, Centipede have got you covered.  No official word yet on whether this album will be making its way to vinyl, but with a run-time just around forty minutes, and a 7" split in the band's back catalog, it's not too hard to imagine that this might materialize on the black wax.  The album will be released March 4th by Inverse Records, so mark it on your calendar and get your ears ready for ravaging.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Bones of Mary, Chariot Throne, High On Fire, Lockersludge, Pohjoinen


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