Thursday, February 18, 2016

Grooves And Gnashing...

Disastroid - Love Is What You Bring On Home (2016)

This two-track EP is the latest release from Disastroid, a trio from San Francisco who specialize in heavy rock with a rough edge, following up on their Missiles LP from late 2014.
The title track comes first, rolling out a stompy, thrashy rhythm assault of meshed drums and bass, soon joined by guitar shred solos and vocals which vault and roar alongside the instrumentation.  The energy is a good match for the cover art, simultaneously ferocious and warm, and it comes to a close sooner than you'd like.
"Gadabout", on the B-side, brings another groove-based set of riffs, which get spun out with unusual time signatures, downward-heading progressions, and funky interjections from the guitar.  I'd personally give it to this one for the more memorable of the two tracks, thanks to one of the riffs just having super hook power over my ears.  I'm still finding myself tapping it out on my desk from time to time.  In short, if you dig heavy/stoner rock that adds some warmth without losing its earthy rawness, give this crew a look and a listen.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;     Escape Is Not Freedom, Lat Det Gro, Queens of the Stone Age, SKUNK, Teacher


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