Friday, October 19, 2012

Parting The Waves...

Dead Sea Apes - Soy Dios (2010)
It's been a bit of a post rock sort of affair this week from the looks of things, so I may as well round the week off in a similar fashion.
Today ladies and gents I'm bringing you some absolutely cracking displays of ambient prog, in the form of UK based sound smiths Dead Sea Apes. Doing the rounds for the last couple of years now, the trio have done well to hone their talents into a three progressively more detailed, layered and impressive little albums. This, the guy's first release really sees them planting their feet in the genre so to speak. Very much bordering on the boundaries of drone for its entirety, it's still manages to produce a certain something thats able to keep me hooked. Not an easy feat when faced with someone such as myself who doesn't actively prefer the genre. I think its the fine balance of well presented ambience and the down right mellowness of the structure that must almost hypnotise you into maintaining for the full 10 minutes of each track. It's not going to be everyones cup of tea but what ever your views on the genre may be, if you ever like to just lay back and chill out for 30 minutes then you really should give these guys a try.
Soy Dios, their debut from 2010 is available on their bandcamp page and you can name your price. Their most recent two releases Astral House and Lupus are also up for you're listening pleasure but you are going to have to part with a few bucks. Very small price to pay for some quality tunes if you ask me...
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Red Sparowes, Russian Circle, Joy Wants Eternity, If These Trees Could Talk, Followed By Ghosts

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