Monday, October 15, 2012

So Basic…

Bear Baiting - Self Titled EP (2012)
I like to consider myself a pretty decent rock guitarist, it’s definitely the instrument I enjoy playing the most. But every once in a while I fill in the much needed bassist position in a few bands with friends. Although sometimes I end up going to practice and getting bored because the parts are very simple and a bit behind my skill level. But now I’m just glad we’re not playing any covers by Bear Baiting, the LA duo whose sum of strings surprisingly results in 8! Yes, this band is programmed drums, some synth effects here and there and 2 fuzzed out basses, no more, no less. I was just as surprised and intrigued as you probably are right now, and trust me, that feeling of complete mind-fucking shock still hits me every time I remind myself that I’m hearing two simultaneous basses. What’s great about this act is that one instrument doesn’t drown out the other, more often than not the lower toned bass will be laying down a really sweet stoner riff while the other goes nuts with different types of beautiful harmonies, and sometimes the harmony will actually be lower than the sustaining riff. This musical conversation kind of makes up for the fact that there aren’t any vocals, and trusts me; you won’t miss them at all. 

For Fans Of; Karma to Burn, Major Kong, Hawkwind, Dozer, Stoned Jesus

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