Monday, October 22, 2012

True Patriots...

Estoner - The Stump Will Rise (2012)
I think I've just found my latest pass time, listening to the music I'm going to review while in school. Seeing how the music provides a background for the scurrying about of the students in between hallways so that they can follow the educational system their parents love so much. When I slapped on my headphones while it was blasting out the first song on Estoner's The Stump Will Rise, I just saw that the image fit the music so well. The echoed vocals almost reminded me of a 1984-like Big Brother telling the students to hurry to their classes...or else there would be consequences. The combination of drop-tuned bass and guitars creates a perfect sense of both doom an psychedelic rock because of the way they switch on and off seamlessly between surplus amounts of fuzz and spacey reverbs and flangers. Also, the riffs vary between high-flying psych and doom landscapes and dirty blues headbangers.
This band comes all the way from the land north of Latvia...that's right,. they come from Estonia! Psychedelic music usually takes my imagination places if i'm not too busy, and this time i think it took me to Estonia....but I'm not exactly sure. I'm still amazed at the vast amount of countries that have such hidden gems as far as stoner rock bands go. And I'm even more surprised at the fact that I haven't found any in my neighborhood! Maybe I should move to Estonia. Or i can just help out the band by buying their album on Bandcamp, something you should do as well.

 For Fans Of; Art As Catharsis, At Devil Dirt, Fuzzly, Ivy Garden Of The Desert, Stoned Jesus

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