Thursday, March 03, 2016

Frost-Covered Arbor...

Valtiel - The Druid EP (2015)

The three tracks of this EP form the first public offering from the Alaskan doom group of Valtiel, with harsh vocals joining the heavy instrumentals from two guitars, bass, and drums.  Solid riffs and blaring tones are evidenced from the first track onwards, making good use of momentum and volume management as they roll through murky terrain.
There's some strong grooves visited along the way, stuff to get you by the shoulders and start swaying along before you know it, and with a couple of fake-outs and wide break-downs along the way, they also keep you pretty engaged without just hypnotizing you into submission.  Personally, I was digging the old-school tempo of closing track "Cult of Valtiel", which had my head ready to bang before they dropped back down into the tarry grind.  All in all, a very promising start for the band, here's hoping their next release comes together soon so that they can keep their momentum going!
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Chronobot, Goya, Green Druid, Moloch, Weedeater


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