Thursday, March 31, 2016

Smashing Into Action...

Neon Burton - Neon Burton EP (2015)

Neon Burton are a three-piece from Germany which came together a couple of years ago, and are now making their debut with this ~20-minute EP of heavy stoner rock with lurking aggression.  Using the traditional line-up of drums, guitar, and bass (though it sounds like they also bring in some keyboards on "Hollow Words"), the group strikes a nice balance between angry tones, hooky riffs, and red-eyed grooves, throwing in enough spontaneous-sounding tune exploration to keep things vibrant without wandering off into jam band territory.
As a debut, it does a good job of showing off a number of the band's strengths, hinting at further possibilities, and offering some earworms melodies that'll be floating around in the back of your brain until you give in and give the EP another spin.  Care with building up the songs while letting their core structures have room to grow seems like one of the band's biggest draw-points at this stage, and hopefully they'll find room on their forthcoming LP for a track which lets them really dig into that exploratory inclination.  All in all, Neon Burton has put together a great introduction of themselves to the world.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Demon Head, Fakir Thongs, Frank Sabbath, Muddy Moonshine, Olde Growth


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