Thursday, May 05, 2016

Ominous Astral Fluctuations...

Wayworn - Rise•Descend (2016)

This demo from the Ohio-based group of Wayworn packs an earnest, bleary-edged punch of blackened doom, rumbling and shuddering with amp savagery turning out abrasion while the drums beat away and raw guitar tone oscillates in its chords.  Firm riffs lurk under the mass of noise, with a couple odd samples in the mix, and the recording flows naturally from the first track, "Scorpio Rising", into the second, "Aries Descending", picking up some firmer doom tones in the latter.
Even though it's just a demo, I was still disappointed when things ended after just ten minutes, but then again, that's a pretty telling reaction for the quality of the band.  They've got strong atmosphere, good band chemistry, solid riffs, and a good dose of venom to their playing, so whenever their next release arrives, I'll be eager to get it blasting through my speakers.  If you have a taste for harsh doom with an infusion of black metal's attitude, be sure to check this crew out, and remember to play at high volume.
~ Gabriel
For Fans Of;    Abstracter, Hypnochron, Moloch, O.D.R.A., Trees, Trinacria


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