Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Down & Out In Denmark...

Pet The Preacher - Meet The Creature (2011)

It's pretty common knowledge now that I love me some dirty blues and old school stoner rock. Thats why I started the blog. So when this little beaut of a demo found it's way over from Denmark to my inbox, well needless to say I was pretty chuffed.

This aptly name little demo, Meet The Creature is a great introduction to what is quite clearly a highly skilled band. A tactical fusion of classic rock and NOLA influenced metal, the 3 Danes throw riff after riff at you with reckless abandon. With chunky build ups and winding fret-thumping bridges the band have managed to span an array of genres, even giving hints of elements of grunge, desert rock and little hints of what remind me of classic prog rock moment from Yes. But the biggest and most noticeable influence is that style of metal we so fondly associate with New Orleans. Those twinges of southern roots are no more evident than in Christian's vocals which echo those of Phil Anselmo's... That deep gritty whiskey drenched tone is almost identical to the aforementioned legend's. Weather this is deliberate or not, lets face it, the man has had one of the best voices on the scene for over 20 years so you won't hear any grumbling from me on that front. Besides, why should that be a negative? Pet The Preacher are giving us some cracking riff fuelled dirty rock, from Denmark and in English. What more could you possible ask for!? Oh, and free!... So go check them out and show some appreciation. Hit the link below to drop the guys an email with your name and location and you'll be instantly sent back an automated reply with a download link. Easy!

The chaps will also be heading back into the studio come November, so watch this space for a full length release and fingers crossed a vinyl review!

~ Jay

For Fans Of; Down, Graveyard, Black Spiders, Roadsaw, Top Dead Celebrity