Saturday, May 25, 2013


Our man Dan at Easy Rider Records has been busy as hell working on the first release of Red Desert's cracking album Damned By Fate. The album generated a major underground following upon it release last year, but as of today (9am PST) it will make it's very first physical appearance in the form of a lovely limited press of just 100 cassettes, consisting of four colours - 55 black, 20 red, 15 purple and 10 gold in the form of the diehard version which will consist of all four colours, 12 badges, a digital download and a private first refusal on the vinyl test presses and diehard versions due out around September time. Now if thats not one hell of an incentive then nothing is! Hit up the store now, because these will fly!
In other news our other good friends, STB Records have announced yet another project in the works. Bright Curse's self titled release will be getting a limited release... more info to follow. As for the present, the Spelljammer limited vinyl (75 diehard / 175 regular) is almost finished. Fingers crossed, around this time next week they should be ready and waiting to go. Keep checking back to hit up our review and be the first to know when they go live. 

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