Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Get Nailed...

NAILS - Abandon All LIfe (2013)

After you’re done reeling from the 26-minute ass kicking that is NAILS’ latest offering, you’ll wonder how much more pissed off a band can get. Personally, I feel the world may end if any more apathy and brutality can be brought forth by the southern Californians in audio format. Spitting all over the religious antiquities and social mores that have presumably ruined the greater aspects of life in general, NAILS seems to finally be telling listeners that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. With each track ripping through in a matter of seconds (give or take a few), lead singer/guitarist Todd Jones (ex-Terror) frantically and maniacally howls his way through each explosion of a song, his vocals often cracking and screeching to an extreme pitch that would lead one to believe he may be murdered in a matter of moments. Although the album has its toned down moments (with really admirable guitar and drum work), NAILS has delivered an album that not only channels the aggravation and disappointment of a generation constantly under the pressure of compromised government structures and greed, but one that, musically, sets the band apart from many others in the metal scene. Call it grind, call it thrash. In the end, it’s pure audio homicide. Unforgiving, spastic, insane and frightening. If you fancy a listen on wax, that can be snagged from Southern Lord here.
For Fans Of; Cursed, The Hope Conspiracy, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth



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