Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Once You Go Black...

Lilium - Black, Dear (2013)

Italian metal outfit Lilium is wasting little time making a name for themselves as their debut album (dropping Saturday in Europe) is a heavy-hitting affair that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. While at first appearing to stick to the heavier tones and 'chug-uh-lug' guitar structures that have crafted the post-metal scene in recent years, Lilium has mastered a transformation in their music that adds layers of clean but aggressive vocals backed by strong instrumentation all the way around. While perceived as one of the more developed Italian metal bands, Lilium has a familiar sound that speaks to metal fans not only in their home country, but across the globe. That is to say that Lilium is no cookie-cutter set of artists riding the coat-tails of those who have tread the metal path in the past, but a highly-volatile entity that not only slams through your speakers and headphones but also serves as a beacon of where technical and well-written metal will be heading in the future.
Where Lilium really stands out is the subtle ethereal sound incorporated in many of the album's tracks, including "Solitude," a remarkably heavy song with almost eerie guitars and opera-esque keyboards layered throughout. Finding a perfect medium, Lilium pulls off this musical aspect without overdoing it time and again (i.e., Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth). Luckliy, Lilium also pulls no gimmicks when it comes to what they do, which is another breath of fresh air that should earn the band respect amongst its peers.
For those readers who may have the opportunity, Lilium will celebrate the release of Black, Dear this Saturday, May 18 with a live performance at Lab Burrida in Genova (Italy). More info on the show can be found here.
For Fans Of: Isis, Pelican, Lento, Celeste, Omega Massif



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