Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tall And Dusty...

Twingiant - Sin Nombre (2013)

The dusty and gritty deserts of Arizona have brought forth sludge doomers Twingiant, and I for one welcome the dirty bastards with open arms. With their most recent effort, the band have self-produced five hard-hitting tracks that cover the complex realm of desert rock with a twist of metal madness. While keeping in time with the (dare I say) groove and funk of western-style rock, Twingiant’s growling vocals and cataclysmic bass lines spin the effort into a mish-mash of everything right in metal today. Given that the band have an exemplary way of showing how dirty and tough their sound can be, Sin Nombre remains a diamond in the rough amongst doom offerings these days because of the numerous moments of pure instrumental talent that presents itself at the most unexpected times. Short, sweeping guitars often break up the teeth-bashing breakdowns that provide a brief relief before the brutality continues. Interesting sample selections also help the EP grab the listener from the get go, providing substance and perhaps an explanation behind the songs, never overstaying their welcome or making the album seem hokey.
After a few listens, I can’t help but wonder what Twingiant has going on out there in the desert. All I know is, if you dwell anywhere near these guys, get out and support their grungy, grimy and all-around insane sound. Take care not to get too much sand in your nether-regions while you’re at it.
For Fans Of; The Ocean, Pallbearer, Black Tusk, Saviours


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