Friday, May 24, 2013

One-Man Wolfpack...

Zeppheroin - Howl (2013)

There's something to be said about self-produced music...I don't know what that saying is, but let's just chalk it up to: "It's pretty damn impressive." Tony Maim, aka Zeppheroin, seems to have mastered his vision of do-it-yourself doom, and, on his latest EP, has taken the genre to a deep, dark place that truly displays the talents of the one-man band. Keeping it slow and riddled with riffs, Maim's project never veers off course and focuses in on near drone territory. Maim's gravelly vocals never try and overshadow the well-placed instrumentation or impressive shredding, and with each track clocking in around the 6- to 7-minute mark, Maim makes it abundantly clear that the music is what drives his passion for metal.
Ratcheting down the tempo from his past releases, Maim reveals the versatility of his song-writing and shows that nothing hits home quite like a crushing sound at a sluggish pace. Don't let the tech metal kids and breakdown-saturated, new school shit fool you, Maim is hear to tell you that if it is too slow, then you're too young.

For Fans Of; Acid King, Mclusky, Sleep, Dead Meadow, Judd Madden


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  1. Joe, thanks so much for this stonking review, you have perfectly summed up what I was trying to achive.