Friday, December 25, 2015

A Welcome Sensation...

Stone Machine Electric - The Amazing Terror EP (2015)

The Amazing Terror is the latest release from this Texan group, who've been putting out high-fuzz material since back in 2010.  With a few albums already under their belt, SME are going concise this time around with four tracks on the EP, though the energy doesn't suffer any dilution for the brevity.  Nimble grooving on guitar and bass, complemented by flexible rhythms from the drummer, result in rock somewhere between acid and psych, though the focus seems to mainly be on just getting down with the vibes.  The tracks seem to be cut out of sprawling live sessions in the studio, so there's a nice sense of spontaneity and freedom livening up the performances, particularly when they hit some free-floating cushions of heady space.  Aside from some enthusiastic background yells when the music really heats up, things are pretty much instrumental, making it even easier to slip right into the wash of warm tones.  By all means, check this group out if you dig on some inventive rock with a good ear for friendly distortion.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    The Electric Knives, The Escatones, The Heavy Co., Mondo Drag, Terminal Cheesecake


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