Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sinking Into Doom...

Lung Molde - Lung Molde (2015)

This debut album from the Portland-based group Lung Molde takes psych/stoner doom to some of its darker corners, churning up deep grooves with fierce abandon and blaring feedback.  Some sharp pinch harmonics, wild reverb, and a massive growl of vocals are other prominent components to the band's bag of tricks, all brought together into smashing slabs of doom.
In keeping with their cover art, the music is a dark-shaded thing that requires you to look past the initial impression of broad strokes to recognize the underlying details.  Once you're in with the flow, the neat-claustrophobic atmosphere gains more power, letting them efficiently cover you with tones and rhythms intended to drag you to their depths.  It's hard to escape some unconscious body movement in time with the heavy waves of the songs, assuming you have your speaker volume and level of attention tuned to proper levels, as the saw-blade edges of the stringed instruments power through pedals and crash into the pounding of the drums.  By the time they reach the closing track of "Skulls in the Acid Well", it'll have you feeling like your nerves are being boiled (in the best way that could be).
Caligari Records have added another excellent album to their ever-impressive catalog with a run of 175 cassette copies, sure to be sold out soon, if it's not already so by the time you read this; and at ~40 minutes, it's in prime shape to earn a vinyl release further on, should we be lucky enough.  Even if you can't snag a physical copy, if deep dark doom with open form is what you crave, you must check this out.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    early Electric Wizard, Heavydeath, Jupiterian, The Munsens, Sleep


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