Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rituals Of Morbidity...

Abysmal Grief - Strange Rites of Evil (2015)

This Italian quartet's latest album conjures up an atmosphere of occultism to enshroud their doom metal, with echoing voices, eerie organ melodies, and sinister bass-lines coming together in a way that fuses old-school heavy metal dramatism with a sharper and more modern form.
Gurgling vocals play up the 'sorcerer in a dark tower' mood, while the guitarist does a strong job of channeling stormy turbulence through his instrument, occasionally striking with lightning-like jabs of shredding.  Heady break-downs and build-ups take the listener for a ride through some wild territory, while track titles such as "Cemetery", "Child of Darkness", and "Dress in Black Cloaks" provide an extra taste of the musical setting when the vocals are too much to decipher.
It all comes together as a very solid album, easy to jump into, but with plenty of additional depth to encourage listeners to familiarize themselves with the songs.  As it's getting released on tape and LP (from Horror Records) as well as CD (via Terror From Hell Records), and almost certainly digital as well, you'll have plenty of options for how to get into it yourself, should occult doom metal be your bag.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Bleeth, Death SS, Heavydeath, Pallbearer, Runes Order


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