Saturday, August 10, 2013


STB Records have had a bit of trouble with the Dopethrone shirts, there is one design available but the rest have been put on hold for the time being. Still, their own awesome Gravedigger shirts are still available so hit up the STB Store and go grab yourself on of those asap!

Future STB releases...

Doctor Doom ~ Self Titled (September)
Brimstone Coven ~ Self Titled (TBA)
Drug Lord ~ TBA

Easy Rider Records have more stuff out this week. The limited edition cassette for Witchcraft's Legend is flying out the door and next week that'll be joined with Graveyard, so ask fast or miss out!... 

Graveyard ~ Hisengen Blues (10th August)
Graveyard ~ Lights Out (17th August)
Suns Of Huns ~ Banishment Ritual (TBA)
Red Desert ~ Damned By Fate (TBA)


Site News -

Our artist page is now live! So if you've done, or are looking to do some album design then feel free to drop us a line.  
If you didn't catch it last week our compilations on Bandcamp!
They're up for 'name your price', but any and all proceeds will go towards paying for the site upkeep (including bloody Bandcamp itself) so we can keep bring you stuff for free and don't get slapped with any restrictions.
Everyone who actually pays for the cd will automatically go into the draw to with a ton of stuff at the end of the year! 


New Vinyl Releases -

Acid Witch ~ Witchtanic Hellucinations (Reissue) (Hell's Headbangers)
Brutus ~ Behind The Sun (Svart Records)
Centuries ~ Broken Hymns (This Charming Man)
New Pre-orders/Upcoming Releases -
Vista Chino ~ Peace (Napalm Records)
Windhand ~ Soma (Relapse)


Tour News -

Trippy Wicked are hitting the road, if you're in the UK don't be missing out!...

August 21st - Brighton - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (w/ Steak and Kerela)
 August 22nd - Bristol - Exchange (w/ Wight and Bright Curse )
 August 23rd - London - The Black Heart
 August 24th - Birmingham - Scruffy Murphy's 
August 25th - Cardiff - The Moon Club (HUB Festival)
 August 26th - Sunderland – Pure
 August 27th - (Private acoustic show)
 August 28th - Manchester - The Bay Horse
 August 29th - Edinburgh - Bannermans Bar
 August 30th - Cambridge - The Man on the Moon
 August 31st - Sheffield - The Three Cranes


Video Of The Week -

Doctor Doom
 ~ Relax, You're Dead


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