Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oldschool Ohioans...

Electric Citizen ~ Self Titled EP (2013)

Ok... Now don't base your judgement on the cover of this one. In fact, don't even look at it. It in no way does them justice. I know, at first glance it boasts a somewhat Manson family feel. Or should possibly be found sitting aside an article about a suicidal cult from the dark sordid wilderness of America's deep south... I think its the combination of soft focus and vignette... Hmmm...
Anyway, I'm getting off track here. But trust me when I say you're in for one hell of a retro treat with these Ohio psych rockers. Straight from the outset you're instantly cast back to a time where flared jeans reigned supreme, Ozzy still had the capability to string a sentence together and acid taken by those at Woodstock was still yet to wear off. Every single thing about this little gem of an EP wreaks of the late 60's/early 70's and whats more, it's all executed with that same retro feel and panache. If as a kid you grew up listening to your old man's record collection and have a deep seeded love of the old school you can't help but fall for Electric Citizen. What they've carved out here is their own little niche of dark psychedelica through a sort of bygone era. Spewing killer vintage riffs one after another and coupled with Laura's beautifully eerie tone of vocals it all comes together effortlessly into one hell of a tight piece of work. Although they've opted for the whole retro vibe, it still all manages to remain brilliantly unique... Think Kate Bush sings the songs of Black Sabbath and you'll get the jist. Now if any of our artistically skilled friends out their could knock them up some nice trippy art work ready for a full album, I think they'd be just about set. But for the time being, if you'd like to own this on the format it was truly made for you can hit up The Crossing and pre-order the double 7" for just $13!

For Fans Of; Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Budgie, Blood Ceremony, Moon Curse


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