Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dutch Desert Dopesmokers...

Stonerfront Nijmegen ~ 3​-​Days​-​Desert (2013)

Do you ever sit back and wonder what it would sound like if Karma to Burn had ever 'found the funk', as it were?...
No? Well, no me neither actually, but then the Netherlands very own Stonerfront Nijmegen turned up in my inbox and it's all I've been wondering since. I'm not talking full on afro's, stacked heels, Bootsy Collins sorta funk. More Woodstock era, psychedelic funk... through a haze of bong smoke. Not that that was Woodstock was missing, but, ah, you know what I mean. Stoner funk for the modern era. Well, this Dutch trio have got everything you could possibly want and a few more tricks up their sleeve to boot. Wholly instrumental, 3​-​Days​-​Desert takes you through a dusty journey, casually stopping by at Psych-Ville, Stoner Central and... er... Desert Rock. Yeah that metaphor kinda trailed out a bit, I know. But it honestly is one hell of a satisfying trip, and one well worthy of sitting back and enjoying with a good pinch of the green stuff. From it's fast paced riff heavy opening it really grabs you by neck and makes you sit up and take notice. From then on, the next 20 minutes don't fail to loosen their hold. Flowing seamlessly and meandering in and out of classic psych and modern desert rock, the guys manage to not just grab your attention but easily keep it satisfied for the whole LP, and thats not bloody an easy when it comes to something thats entirely instrumental. But thats just it, at no point do you find yourself expecting or longing for a vocal over the top. It all plays out like a mind blowing acid trip in the middle of the Palm Desert. If I was to ingest a biblical amount of Peyote and just wonder out into the sun baked baron wastelands of California, I can fully imagine this would be my accompanying soundtrack. Sure, at just 20 mins in length I'd have to stick it on repeat a few times, but even after a good 5 plays here and now, it still feels great. Even with the lack of vocals, you just don't miss them, and that speaks volumes for the bands chemistry and ear for production. The warm tone and the liberal use of both wah and ambience inducing bass riffs work wonders and lets face it, there's really only one way you should be doing it all justice... Thats right, listening to it on vinyl! We'll fear not, they've got it covered and all it will set you back is a measly €12! What a bloody bargain! Head on over to Fuzzmatazz Records and give yourself a treat, you've deserved it!
~ Jay 

For Fans Of; Karma To Burn, Serpent Throne, Nebula, Yawning Man, Sonic Flower


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