Saturday, September 07, 2013


Well, if you we snoozing last week you may have just missed Easy Rider Record's release of Black Prism's Satan's Country 7", but fear not, as you may still just be able to get your mitts on a copy if you act fast..

30 x Test Press (Sold Out)
50 x Clear,
75 x Yellow (pre order only),
75 x Purple ( exclusive),
75 x Blood Red (@the_bowrey exclusive),
75 x Green,
75 x Gold,
150 x Black.

Also announced, Albino Python's cracking album The Doomed & The Damned. Originally available on cassette, its now been given the wax treatment. Here's a peek at the test press cover, with amazing artwork by the great David Paul Seymour... This baby is available NOW! So head on over to the store and pick yourself up a copy before they all go!

Future Easy Rider Releases... 

Albino Python ~ The Doomed & The Damned (Now)
Suns Of Huns ~ Banishment Ritual (TBA)
Red Desert ~ Damned By Fate (TBA)

STB Records have some very limited Dopethrone shirts in stock, as well as a new press of their great Gravedigger shirt! Head over to the store and treat yourself!

Future STB releases...

Doctor Doom ~ Self Titled (September)
Brimstone Coven ~ Self Titled (TBA)
Drug Lord ~ TBA


Site News -

Our artist page is now live! So if you've done, or are looking to do some album design then feel free to drop us a line.  
If you didn't catch it last week our compilations on Bandcamp!
They're up for 'name your price', but any and all proceeds will go towards paying for the site upkeep (including bloody Bandcamp itself) so we can keep bring you stuff for free and don't get slapped with any restrictions.
Everyone who actually pays for the cd will automatically go into the draw to with a ton of stuff at the end of the year! 


New Vinyl Releases -

Abe Diddy & The Kraut Boys Follow (Kozmik Artifactz)
Acid Witch ~ Witchtanic Hellucinations (Reissue) (Hell's Headbangers)
Black Prism ~ Satan's Country (Easy Rider Records)
Bright Curse ~ Self Titled (Kozmik Artifactz)
Dopelord ~ Magik Rites (Self Released, Email for enquiries)
From Beyond ~ One Year (Totem Cat Records)
New Pre-orders/Upcoming Releases -
Windhand ~ Soma (Relapse)


Video Of The Week -

 ~ Woodbine


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