Monday, September 30, 2013

Holy Mother!...

Mother Engine ~ Muttermaschine (2013)

Kyuss would never really have got anywhere without Garcia. Well, take anyone of those key three away, Homme, Bjork or Garcia and the outfit would have crumbled.  Just listen to ...And The Circus Leave Town, a great record sure! But minus Brant, and it just didn't quite make par with the previous three. Each guy brought something different to the table, something unique. Altogether they just gelled, so perfectly. You may be wondering why I'm banging on about Kyuss, well, imagine them without any vocal... There, you pretty much have Mother Engine. Sure, that was a bit of an arse about face way of getting to my point but I've listened to this album so much this week and it's honestly the best comparison. A pretty damn good one too if you ask me! There's a few more influences that shine through, but the real bedrock for Muttermaschine is that Palm Desert vibe, and it resonates through every track. Which doe's strike you as a little strange being as these fellas come from bloody Germany. Still, you can't knock a winning formula and especially this amazing little concoction. Entirely instrumental, it manages to suck you in and hold you with a truly epic display of tightness and blistering array of licks. If you've ever sat there stoned out of your tree and air guitared (or drummed) along to the whole of Welcome To Sky Valley then this album will be the best 6 bucks you'll spend this year. It's without a doubt one of, if not the best instrumental desert rock album I've ever picked up. I've  always stated that any instrumental album that can hold you for more than 30 mins without longing for even just a touch of vocals, has hit the nail on the head, and I stick firmly by that notion now, because not a second passes when you thing to yourself that this record is missing anything at all. It draws you with with desert rock riffs and keeps you held in with Pelican like execution. Structurally, I've tried to pick it apart and find flaws, but dammit I cant! There just doesn't seem to be a week link in the whole nigh on 50 minute runtime. The ambient and harmonic slower moments drip with a certain essence usually reserved for the more seasoned artists, and that keeps you more that hooked. But then they hit you with a sonic assault that carefully treads the boundaries of 90's desert, southern and classic psych rock, and that all serves to whip everything up into an awe inspiring frenzy. Regardless of your own little personal preferences, if you've got a fucking brain in your nut they you should sure as hell enjoy this... Failing that, you may wanna consult some kind of medical professional.
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Kyuss, Yawning Man, Pelican, Tigre, Windmills In The Ocean


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