Saturday, April 26, 2014

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Inwoods - Slow Season EP (2014)

The Slow Season EP is the first release from Inwoods, a quartet of guys from Adelaide, Australia, with a taste for stoner doom. Though there's only six tracks on the EP, they average about 5+ minutes each, making for a substantial offering of slow, low, and doom-soaked tunes. From the opening title track onwards, the bass hums and rumbles, the drums sound monstrous, and the guitar sizzles along in its down-tuned ways. The vocalist takes his cues from the less sludgy side of stoner doom, opting for a voice with more harmony than growling and shouting, and all the instrumental elements come together around him for a sticky blend of aggression and groove.
At the same time, they lace in some grungy style, snapping in a crunchy guitar tear here, a riff that sounds like acid-washed and sludge-soaked Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots there, and quiet-loud-quiet-loud song arrangement on a couple of the tracks. To paraphrase the band themselves, they really do sound like something familiar but new, and that something sounds pretty good. Even better, like the best grunge bands, they have a good sense of humor about things (possibly best-reflected in the raucous “Van Song”, which blasts along while urging people to just “get in the van, baby!”). Here's hoping they keep on keeping on, and share more of that fun with the rest of us.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Moon Curse, Celophys, Alice In Chains, Valkyrie, Seed


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