Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pronounced "Twelve Boar"

XII Boar ~ "Truck Stop Baby" (2014)

English three piece, XII Boar (see title) should need no introduction. But for the new kids on the block, they play an extra sleazy mix of Southern and Stoner Metal, and for a southern stoner through and through it's one of the best things going right now. With fat, sludgey riffs, a punching bass line, and ferocious drumming they lay down a thick groove, and then blast it loud and proud, the way it should be. 
The title track for the vinyl only release of "Truckstop Baby" is a Stoner Metal work of art, with seriously heavy southern styled riffs, and a chorus about those lovely lot lizards. It opens with a solitary Blues guitar piece, but is quickly joined by that heavy bass riff and those swinging drums, and the whole thing gives way to the gritty, dirt road vocals that pack a punch, reminding me of Artimus Pyledriver. On the flip side, you have a mellow, almost Blues revision of the lead off track on their debut offering "XII". This version of "Train Wreck (Slight Return)" is a good bit slower but they still managed to retain a nice, head bobbin' groove without the aggressiveness of the the original version. The song has a Down like quality to it in places, mostly in the chorus, but the overall tone is still uniquely XII Boar.
As I stated earlier, this is a vinyl only release, so you need to head over to their store and pick up a copy of the slick purple 7" that the songs come on, complete with a CD and trucker girl sticker.

For Fans Of; Down, Artimus Pyledriver, Orange Goblin, Weedeater, Crowbar

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