Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Wild Clone Appears...

Mother Mars - Claimed By The Cloner (2014)

This new EP from Mother Mars finds the boys back in their gritty rock swing, starting off with “The Cloner” as it will appear on their 7” split with The Grand Astoria (release date to be announced). The song takes them into some blues rock territory, with some slow and low harmonica weaving in and out of their big bass chunks and spidery guitar-work. There's a good driving riff, the drums keep things moving, and the hard rock wails of the vocalist fit right in with the rest of the atmosphere.
After that, the band finds themselves with “Another Flat Spare Tyre”, and they make the best of the situation by riding along on a stompy fuzz riff, tightening up and letting loose in alternation. It's a fully instrumental trip for this track, and they pull that riff through some strange surroundings, lavishing it up with some feedback/synths as the drummer gets down on in the groove, sounding like he's using his sticks to dig through the earth as everything gets deeper and deeper.
For the closer, there's the full version of the opening track, which nearly doubles its run-time with more fuzz, more blues, and some killer break-downs. Between the two full tracks, there's a strong EP's worth of sounds; the included 7” edit works well if you want to just kick back and listen to some heavy rock without messing about changing albums for a little longer. Stay tuned to RWTD for more news when the split arrives, and 'til then, get this coming out of your speakers ASAP.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of; Groggy, Merlin, Celophys, Olde Growth, Albino Rhino


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