Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Monster Rides Again...

Hibagon - Hibagon and the Quest for the Creature Previously Known as Moughra the Guardian (2014)

Hibagon are a tough band to pin down.  There's so many flavors and styles blended together over the course of their new EP that picking any of them to define their musical output just doesn't seem to be doing it justice.  They rock out, they rain down metal thunder, they show off precise technicality, they get down and dirty with the music… it's just a roller-coaster through their music for mutants, and it's a damn fine ride.
The band keeps up their drive-in sci-fi/psychedelic flavor in their approach to song-titling, from the opening track of "Odyssey in a Maze of Premonitions", past the "Challenge of the Doppleganger" and a couple of other hazards, all the way to "The Seven Faces of Moughra".  It's nice to come across a group which is so earnestly packing in so much character around the music. and almost makes it seem like there's a coherent narrative behind the walls of sound.
Really, though, the band identifies the music best with their own description of "heavy and loud".  Making things too concrete just doesn't fit with their style, so instead, you'll need to form your own impressions beyond those two words.  Grab a copy (CDs and downloads are available from the BandCamp page, along with some fine T-shirts), take the time to appreciate the wild cover art, then plug the music into your ears and enjoy the trip.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Qualeaceans, Narcosatanicos, Broughton's Rules, Art Institute, Elephant Rifle


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