Friday, November 07, 2014

Hear It Grow...

The Mound Builders - Wabash War Machine (2014)

The new EP from The Mound Builders features four songs of hard and fast heavy stoner rock, with the first shot fired being the title track, featuring vocals that seem drawn from sludgier roots than the rest of the music.  The strained yelling is backed off on in the second song, "Sport of Crows", which slides into a more groove-focused, desert rock-like tempo and vibe, though they keep the bass wet and weighty.  "Bar Room Queen" follows that and continues the trend towards mellowness, even while they keep throwing around mean hooks and unrelenting drum-work.
On the other hand, "The Mound" completely reverses that trend, switching back into mean, growl-filled territory to close out the EP.  Even while sliding into the sludge, they keep a clear bluesy melody alive at the core, finding a balance between the two styles without sacrificing impact for either.  Pre-orders for the EP are up over at Failure Records & Tapes (if you act fast, you'll get one of the packs with a sticker, a patch, a button, and a comic book which brings the songs to life before your eyes), with an official release date set for December 5th.  If you're looking for something to keep you from freezing as the year moves into winter, pick one of these up for yourself and let their warm rumbles heat your bones.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Electric Citizen, Stone Titan, Chronic Ritual, Fuzz Evil, CHIEFS

The Mound Builders - Sport Of Crows (320 kbps)


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