Saturday, December 06, 2014

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Bomg - Polynseeds (2013)

From the rich bass echoes of their intro on through the last notes of "Sannikov Land", the debut album from Bomg is a heady brew of deep-tuned doom, with some mighty riffs through which they slowly groove, and a voice like ghosts on the wind to serve as the guide.  Though the album came out in July of last year, it's getting to make the rounds once again thanks to a 50-copy tape pressing from Breathe Plastic (available for order through the label's BandCamp page) and plans for a vinyl issuance in the near future.  Strong enough to stand side-by-side with the biggest amp-rumblers in doom metal today, this should be on the radar of any Sleep-addled, Earth-bound, or Cough-afflicted listeners who just can't got enough of massive stoner doom riffage.
Describing the individual songs isn't really the way to experience this album; they're all big enough (even with one split into two parts) that the incoming vinyl release will have to be a double-LP beast, at the least, to hold all of the smoke, so there's really nothing more to do than let it engulf you for an hour or so, and let your senses reel as the guitar, drum, bass, well-used vocals, and a deep stash of surprises whirl around like the perfect psychodoomelic storm.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Windhand, Cough, Ladybird, Sleep, Salem's Pot


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