Saturday, December 20, 2014

From Inner Earth...

Slug Salt Lava - Radiated Soundscapes EP (2014)

Ersin Taş is back, now with a pair of fresh faces helping him construct the sludgy crunch of Slug Salt Lava.  While the production does sound a little cleaner than on previous releases (and the music slightly less aggressive overall), the edges are still there, provided mainly by the sharp tones of the guitar while the bass and drums explore some intricate and carefully-paced rhythms.  Staying (mostly) free of vocals so as to fully focus on their instrumental work, Radiated Soundscapes adds five tracks of grim hammering and mean melodies to the group's catalog, all of them with fittingly epic and post-apocalyptically-inclined titles, from "Titans of the Wasteland" to "Infested Mountain" and "Perished Shores", that last of which pulls the EP to a solid close with its somber notes.
The material put together for this release shows that Slug Salt Lava still has plenty of ideas and fuel for its slow-burning metal, with more undoubtedly being forged as you read these words.  Start familiarizing yourself with the sound of Slug Salt Lava if you haven't already, and stay tuned for more news from this force from Turkey.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Fleshpress, Evoken, Gallow God, Eibon, Tons


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