Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ride The Nova...

Stone From The Sky - NGC 1976 (2015)

This new album from Stone From The Sky (which, going by their BandCamp page, is their first non-split one) is a real treat, with a set of heated space rock songs that combine grittiness and grooves in near-equal measure, assertive and chill in alternate paces, and just down-right cool with the blur of their cosmic cruising.  Keeping things instrumental, the French trio lays down spacy treks through feedback, storms of percussion, and sweet grooves that'll firmly lodge themselves in your brain's riff receptors.  You may also find yourself suddenly banging your head along to the rhythm, or having other unconscious body reactions; this is all perfectly normal when encountering such damn good music.
Enjoyable in any state of mind (personally, I found a couple of tall cold ones to go great with it), SFTS' LP showing should earn them plenty of respect as it makes its rounds by word of mouth.  Fans of space rock, desert rock, heavy psych, and instrumental stoner rock should all do themselves a favor and plug this into their ears ASAP.  You can pick up a digital copy for a price of your choosing on the BandCamp page, where you've also got the options of CD for €5 and a T-shirt for €10, so you've got no excuse for delay.  Get it, turn the volume up as high as you can stand, and enjoy.
~ Gabriel


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