Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Through the Skeleton Forest

Apothecary ~ Drifting Towards the Ancients (2015)

While I wouldn't consider Arkansas to be the bastion of death doom metal, they must be doing something right down there to produce a group like this. Having been together in one form or another, Apothecary has been around since 2012. And after an impressive debut EP from last year, they're back with a full length this time. "Drifting Towards the Ancients" is five tracks of oppressively heavy doom metal with some not so subtle death and sludge metal influences oozing their way through the music. They find ways to perfectly pair suffocating guitar tones with dark and atmospheric interludes, adding depth to the already menacing vibe. While you can see this in any of the tracks, the one that really sold me on the entire album was "Gamma Soul". Opening up with a little feedback and some slow drumming it only takes a few moments for everything to pick up the pace a little bit and for the song to drag itself along before a melodic vocal performance starts up, that goes along for a bit before deteriorating into a low growl a bit before the half way point. That's when the song slows down, just some loud drum strikes and a clean guitar line, that only last so long before things start to picking up that agonizing pace again. This time with the clean guitar part in tow. Things stay that way for the most of the eleven minute track, with the low, deathly vocals making another appearance. Within the last minute or so the track things break down into a hectic blast of sound, showing a little of their sludge metal colors. You can check it out over at their bandcamp and see for yourself though.

For Fans Of; (early) Paradise Lost, Winter, Evoken

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