Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spirits And Stones...

Ak'chamel - The Man Who Drank God (2015)

The latest release from this mysterious group takes a 'world music' approach to doom and darkness, with primitivistic instruments and spiritual chanting as the main forms through which their music takes shape.  With all but one of the tracks clocking in under three minutes, the moods are set and experienced in quick order, spun through so quickly it's a little disorienting, but working that effect to their advantage.  It's one of those musical releases thoroughly resists being summarized in words, so give the track below a listen, then head over to the BandCamp page to hear the rest.  A run of 100 tapes from Field Hymns is your only way to get a physical copy, but digital is also available through the same page for only $3.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Current 93, Death In June, Mamaleek, Opium Warlords, Sol Invictus


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