Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dark Slippery Descent...

Temple Steps - Temple Steps EP (2015)

Making their debut with this EP, the doom duo of Temple Steps keep things tuned low and slow, churning out a thick buzz of bass and thumping drums to please the ears of those who want things heavy and down-cast.  Each of the four tracks (the titles of which form a pair of couplets) have a nice heft, and as they plow through the songs, the sludgy despair and anger of their attitude get more and more of a voice.  
The usual themes of stoner doom aren't too evident, but there's a similar style to the low-end worship put on display by Temple Steps, so as long as you don't need pot-leaves and coughing in the tracks to enjoy the bass throbbing, go ahead and get on this.  Digital and a limited run of cassettes are available through their BandCamp, and they've got a split with Wreck on the way, so keep your ears open for more to come from this crew.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Attalla, Blind Samson, Fudge Tunnel, The Munsens, Toke


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