Saturday, October 24, 2015

Profane Reflections...

Chariot Throne - The Unholy Design (2015)

Making their debut with this album (which runs just the right size for a vinyl pressing to pop up at some point), the German quartet of Chariot Throne aim high and do a reliable job of hitting that mark.  Clean vocals lead the tone-focused tunes, with melodies and atmosphere that strike a nice balance between traditional doom and a livelier, more modern style, and there's a restrained use of what sounds like horror movie samples as a bonus.
Cool switches from dirge-speed wallowings to fuzzier, near-stony deployments provides some extra variety, levered in with enough presence to make a mark, without going so upbeat as to rob the essential gloominess of its power.  There's enough evident work put into the album to command respect for their dedication, and the build-up over the course of the songs gives them another point of pride.  Definitely a strong start for the band, this one should earn them a strong foothold in the deep doom fanbase.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Goya, King Heavy, Mist (Slovenia), Pilgrim, The Wiz'ard


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