Monday, October 12, 2015

Music To Oden's Ears...

Bedroom Rehab Corporation ~ Fortunate Some (2015)

Here's another monster of a find deep from the Bandcamp vaults!
I've been itching to get this down-tuned duo up since I preordered the vinyl some time back, but was reluctant to grade the whole EP on the strength of just one track. Alas, today the postman came through and finally delivered this huge monster of sombre doom.
So, I happened to stumble upon BRC late one night while drunkenly perusing bandcamp's deepest, darkest depths, and straight away this slightly unassuming couple had me hooked. The only streamable song at the time 'When All You've Got Is A Hammer' promptly received about 8 consecutive plays, firmly lodging itself deeply into my subconscious (I defy anyone to be able to play it just once!) and caused me to have that night what I can only describe as 'viking battle dreams' that would make Thor himself weep with joy.
Much like all my current favourite two piece acts currently kicking the scene up the arse (namely Dr Colossus) BRC are simplicity incarnate, and living proof that you don't have to over complicate things in order to create something absolutely bone shakingly stellar.
Somewhat reminiscent of early Sleep, the slow, thundering waves of riffs, intoxicating drum beats and vocals that sound like they were recorded by being bellowed into a Nordic valley all cumulate into, for my money, the best EP I've heard this year... by quite a margin! Heavy and haunting in equal measure, Fortunate Some may only be 4 tracks in length but it still manages to take you on an unprecedented trip through a number of genres. Flexing their artistic muscles Adam and Meghan are able to amalgamate doom, stoner rock, psych, acid rock and even a touch of space rock into one place before promptly stomping them all into one bloody, speaker destroying slab of beauty. It's seldom a predominantly doom album is particularly catchy in nature, but somehow BRC have managed to hit this nail square on the head. If you don't find yourself driving along listening to this EP at some point roaring the lyrics "When all you've got is a hammer!" at the top of your lungs while thumping your steering wheel, then, well you're pretty much dead inside.
Go over to their bandcamp page and pick up a copy of the EP now! It's an absolute beast of a recording, and is guaranteed to push your rig to near breaking point!
~ Jay

For Fans Of; Sleep, Conan, Moss, Moon Curse, Bong

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