Thursday, November 05, 2015

Consigned To Darkness...


Making their sophomore return with this four-track EP, OLDD WVRMS work an occult atmosphere of sludgy doom and blackened edges with their four-piece line-up.  There's a lot to be enjoyed here, as the bass turns out brutal riffs, the drums deliver violent beatings, and the guitar and vocals howl away rawly.  Some generous application of spoken-word samples enhances the alien vibes, and while a lot of the music is spent in skull-rattle mode, the slower and heavier sections are just as pleasing.
It's a sharp EP with a lot to dig into for its size, and the (so far) tape-only physical release will likely be sold out soon, if that's not already the case by the time you read this.  But grab yourself a digital copy, throw the band what you think it's worth (or as close to that as you can afford), then turn it up and enjoy the squirming sounds.
~ Gabriel

 For Fans Of;    Boar, Coffin Torture, Fange, Hoof, Lightsucker


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