Friday, November 06, 2015

Rusted Switchback Tracks...

Santonegro - Derailing EP (2015)

This five-track EP serves as the debut release from Spain's Santonegro quartet, and they hit the ground running with a toothsome but groovy form of stoner rock.  There's more than a little grunge influence to be heard in the hooky melodies and fuzzed guitar (not to mention the vocal style), but the gravity of the bass-work gives it some weight to appeal to modern audiences, and the guitar goes on more tear-off shreds than you ever heard if your grunge exposure was limited to radio and MTV.
There's some good energy going on, but the grooves may be a little too warm and friendly for those who've had their tastes adapted to even the most lightly-tinted stoner doom that's been on a rise since the '90s.  If you can dig the upbeat vibes, though (along with the occasional "Yeah!  Yeah!"), and let yourself go with the crunchy flow, you should be able to get some more-than-decent enjoyment out of this band's efforts.  It's available as a CD or download through their BandCamp, so check it out.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Audioslave, LizZard, Nightosaur, Pohjoinen, Queen Chief


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