Friday, November 20, 2015

Swirl Together Now...

Frank Sabbath - Frank Sabbath (2015)

This first full album from France's trio of Frank Sabbath is quite a first step.  Swirling together heavy psych, blues, stoner rock, and a few other influences, FS deliver a heady concoction of cool grooves and heated riffs, backed by smoked-out vocals, snappy drum-work, and (of course) plenty of bass.  They've also got some great track flow going on, with one dove-tailing neatly into the next, and the album as a whole has great structuring, split into distinct (and titled) halves conceived by the band as sprawling sets.  Just make sure you have song gaps turned off when you play it, so the little delays don't detract from the band's hard work.
Whether they're getting lost in spacy trips or digging down with focus into a deep-trench groove, Frank Sabbath come off here with flying colors, and they're already hard at work on a follow-up.  Expect to see this one on my year-end Top 20 list, and keep your ears peeled for news on that second album.  If you find yourself in need of some more Frank Sabbath after listening to this for the first time (totally understandable), they've been kind enough to throw one of their jam sessions on BandCamp for free download, so dive in already.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Mondo Drag, Murder in the Cathedral, Quatrain, Vanilla Trainwreck


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