Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Music for Cauldron Lovers...

Devil Electric - Vol I (2016)
The Gods Below cover art

Come on kids.  Let's go listen to some music that makes you want sacrifice a goat and draw a pentagram with its blood to conjure the dark lord.  It'll be fun. 
Devil Electric are an Australia doom metal outfit who are extremely new but have already gathered some buzz on the Melbourne charts, shared with the likes of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  They're comprised of Pierina O'Brien on vocals, Cristos Athanasias on guitars, Tom Hulse on bass, and Mark Van De Beek on drums.  They're here for liquor from a chalice that's bubbling while emitting smoke and blood.  This is their two-track debut, appropriately named Vol I
Slow doomy and buzzy chords consume opening track "Devil's Bells".  The drum beat pummels with daring execution that almost resemble a fist beating against a table.  Desperate vocals cast away any notion of a redeemable lifestyle in favor of a chance to meet with Satan himself.  "The Dove and the Serpent", arguably the more Satanic in theme, adds a level of blues to the doom with Pierina's vocals echoed by a deeper voice resembling a possession.  The guitar of Cristos and the drums of Mark are constantly going beat for beat trying to outdo one another until they almost hit a brick wall with the song's abrupt end. 
Vol I is comprised of only those two tracks, but the entire EP, The Gods Below, contains two additional cuts entitled "Confusion of Mind" and "Holy Ghost" where we find Devil Electric dwelling even deeper in the abyss of madness.
~ Richard
For Fans Of: The Dead Weather, Kadaver, Black Sabbath (13 era), The Kills, SubRosa


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