Friday, July 15, 2016

Tasty Salted Strings...

Black Caviar - Side A EP (2015)

This Russian group is making their debut with this four-song live EP, and the fuzzy, low-tuned blend of rock and metal which they deliver shows a band which is getting a solid start while figuring out their style.  Chunky chords, growling bass, and a nice use of echoing cymbals help create a noisy atmosphere with some real grit to it.  The band has respectable energy, and as they get more songs under their belt, it'll be interesting to hear how they develop their song-writing style.  Personally, my favorite was "Boulevard of Darkness", which brings in some sludged-up bluesiness to the mix, kind of reminding me of Groggy, a duo from down in Siberia, but having the rest of the songs to serve as contrast makes both sides sound better.  For now, this is something to draw the attention of those who like their doom rock dirty and unpretentious.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Acid Witch, Black Freighter, Crowskin, Reverend Bizarre, Warchetype


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