Saturday, July 23, 2016

Scraped From The Amp...

Resin - Resin (2016)

The Canadian group of Resin is making their public debut with this EP, sporting dirty vocals over fat-tubed bass resonance, sweet-pedaled guitar, drums that hit the sweet spot between loose and on-point, and old-school stoner doom riffs that show their blues influence proudly.  Powerful riffs to sweep you along in their rhythms, clear signs of creativity with the breaks and space play, and a care for the tones that has them simply seeping out of your speakers point to this band being able to come up with new ideas while staying true to the stoner doom spirit, always a relief in a genre as saturated with tradition slaves as that one is. 
And the three songs do what a first EP should do best: leave the listener hungry for more.  I want to hear more from this group, because there's so much potential here, and they've got such a grasp on how to work the essential stuff (which they've fucking got, just take the time to listen), so I can't wait to hear how they keep experimenting in the future.  Just thinking about the future for this group, with forays into heavy feedback, crazy-long songs, more sweet instrumental crannies, and, of course, all the fun song titles that'll entail, has me grinning and eager to hear what they'll devise.  Until then, I'll be keeping these songs steady in my listening mix.
~ Gabriel

For Fans Of;    Acid Bath, Crystal Balls, Green Fiend, Hypnochron, Ladybird


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